The Competition


3 sections of the competition, open registration to national and international works in the sign of the union between Cinema, Science and Environment


The 1st Pianeta Mare Film Festival in Naples is organized by the Pianeta Mare Cultural Association and sees as its main partner the “Anton Dohrn” Zoological Station of Naples with the “Dohrn” Foundation, the Banco di Napoli Foundation, the Federico II University of Naples and other entities. The Festival is one of the extraordinary events of the 150th anniversary of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station.

The idea of ​​the Pianeta Mare Film Festival represents a unicum in the Italian panorama of the promotion of film culture, placing itself in an area, that of the promotion of environmental education through audiovisual, which in recent years has experienced enormous development in terms of visibility. and film production.

Two main objectives are:

  1. Enhancing underwater cinema linked to the marine environment, discovering biodiversity and ecosystems, particularly in the form of documentaries and short films.
  2.  Raise awareness through cinema on issues such as environmental problems, the protection and care of the marine environment and how to mitigate and reduce human impacts and ecological footprint.


The Festival will have a pre-opening on 4 October evening and will take place from 5 to 8 October 2022 in Naples.


The places where the Festival will take place are the Darwin Dohrn Museum in Naples, the Cinema Academy Astra and the Naples Tennis Club.


There are three competition sections foreseen in the first edition

  1. FEATURES FILM> Films and documentaries with a minimum duration of 52 minutes
  2. SHORT MOVIES> Short films of any kind with a maximum duration of 25 minutes
  3. 1 MINUTE MOBILE FILM For Nature> Videos made with smartphones with a maximum duration of 1 minute – Section reserved for under 30s

Participation is open to national and international works, which, in the sign of the union between Cinema, Science and the Environment, use the cinematographic medium to enhance knowledge and education on the protection of the sea and the marine world, thus putting at the center the narration of biodiversity, the sea and marine creatures.

The competitions cover films on marine biodiversity, the sea and marine creatures, produced after January 1, 2020.



The competition notice will be open from 28 June to 28 July 2022.

Registration for screenings is only possible on the FilmFreeway platform. To register one or more films, the registration form must be completed. Filling out the registration form implies acceptance of this regulation in its entirety. The registration fee can only be paid in the manner indicated on FilmFreeway. The fees are respectively 15, 10 and 5 euros.


The selections will be conducted by the Artistic Committee of the Festival which will choose at its sole discretion the works admitted to the selection for the 1st Pianeta Mare Film Festival. The authors of the selected works will be informed by 4 September 2022.

The selected foreign films will be presented in their original version with Italian subtitles by the festival organization.



In case of selection, the following will be required for the screenings:

High quality Mp4 file or ProRes 422 HQ with stereo or 5.1 audio or unencrypted DCP file. It is preferable that the aforementioned files be sent via the web.

Furthermore, for the selected works, those who have entered the films must send:

  • Movie poster
  • 1 Photo of the director
  • Director’s biofilmography
  • Trailer of the film
  • 5 scene photos
  • High res. poster (.jpg or .tiff, 300 or more dpi)
  • Text with synopsis in Italian, year of production, country of production, format, duration and main credits


Two juries will be composed to evaluate the works in competition:

– A Technical Jury made up of 5 personalities from the world of Cinema, Culture and Science

– A Youth Jury made up of 30 university students chosen together with the Federico II University of Naples

Prize and jury details



Participation in the Festival through FilmFreeway implies acceptance of the COMPETITION NOTICE in its entirety.


For more information write or call the festival secretary.